How do Sinkholes Form?

Sinkholes are one of the biggest problems facing houses in Bristol, Tennessee. Why is it such a problem in Tennessee specifically? It is because of the limestone that a majority of our state sits on. While limestone is one of our most treasured natural formations, it also causes many issues for homeowners. Limestone is extremely porous, which makes it incredibly easy for water to eat away at it. As the limestone gets weaker, it can crack and give way to form a sinkhole. Sinkholes come in three main varieties. 

Sink hole

Solution sinkholes

This is an extremely common sinkhole that happens when very little surface soil covers the limestone below. As water builds upon the surface area, it leaves little holes behind. Those holes either go unfilled or filled with loose surface soil that doesn’t provide support. Over time the holes get wider, which eventually leads to a sinkhole forming.

Sink hole in road

Cover collapse sinkholes

These sinkholes occur in areas where there is lots of soil or sand above the limestone layer. They can happen within a few hours. As the sediment layer above begins to fall into the limestone below it creates a cavity by pushing up. This cavity expands until a sinkhole forms. These can often be very catastrophic.

Sink hole in road

Cover subsidence sinkholes

This occurs when the topsoil is high in clay content. As the limestone layer begins to crack, the clay moves in to take its place. This type of sinkhole will leave a large depression. Unlike cover collapse sinkholes, the cavity isn’t expanding and is instead filled in. This makes this type of sinkhole typically less catastrophic, as it tends to be shallow because of the clay helping to fill in.

Sinkhole Remediation Services

When a sinkhole begins to form on your property it is best to treat it quickly. American Foundation & Waterproofing in Bristol is your best bet when it comes to taking care of sinkholes. Our Bristol sinkhole repair experts will come and take a look at the sinkhole to determine what is the best way to go about repairing, remediating, or filling the sinkhole. We use three main techniques: Compaction Grouting, Cap Grouting, and Injection Piers. 

Compaction grouting is done by injecting cement grout into multiple holes below the ground. This creates a stabilized grid pattern underground. Cap Grouting is similar, but instead of a grid pattern, we make a cap over the area. This allows the material to slowly take the place of the limestone that once existed there. Injection Piers are done by drilling a hole and injecting grout mixture into that hole that will reach all the perforated holes and escape into the soil to create a solid foundation. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the correct sinkhole repair service for your Bristol home. We will ensure that you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Concrete mix to repair foundation

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