Professionals in construction and engineering advise enclosing crawl spaces for better energy efficiency and home protection. Like a full basement, a crawl space exposed to rainwater, snow, or pests can become compromised. Even if your crawl space is enclosed, it may need some degree of waterproofing. 

How to Tell When You Need Crawl Space Waterproofing

If your crawl space has a finished concrete floor, it will be easy to see when water is flooding the area. Even a small amount of water suggests a need for waterproofing to protect your home’s foundation. 

If the crawl space is unfinished, the surface may simply be the soil beneath your home. In that case, look for areas where the soil is moist or saturated with water.

What Is Crawl Space Waterproofing?

There are several different ways we can help you waterproof your crawl space. Here is a brief overview of the methods we can use to keep your crawl space dry and secure.

Perimeter Drains

We can place drains at strategic locations throughout your crawl space and direct water towards these drains to ensure it moves away from your home. This is one of the simplest types of waterproofing you can get for your crawl space.

Drainage Liners

We can also install a liner, which will fit over the entire surface of your crawl space. The liner will direct water out of the crawl space or into a drain. This is especially effective with a soil surface that might otherwise capture rainwater and melting snow.

Sump Pump

The best protection against the accumulation of water in a crawl space is a sump pump. Once we install the pump, it will activate and flush excess water out of the crawl space as the water reaches a predetermined level. We can also install a battery-operated backup model to ensure the pump will operate during a power failure.

Sump Pump installed

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