Is your crawl space in Maryville showing signs of damage, flooding, or potential issues? How do you know when to call on the experts to help resolve problems? At American Foundation & Waterproofing, we recommend reaching out sooner rather than later. That way, we can promptly address trouble spots before they grow. Some common symptoms and signs of crawl space damage in Maryville homes to look out for include:

  • Sudden Spikes in Your Energy Bills
  • Increased Allergy or Asthma Concerns
  • Pools of Water
  • Sloping or Tilting Floors in Your Home
  • Mildew or Mold on Wooden Support Structures
  • Pest Infestations
  • Appearance of Efflorescence or Condensation
  • Humid and Damp Air in Home
Damaged crawl space
Encapsulation in crawl space


The American Foundation & Waterproofing team has over 15 years of experience waterproofing and repairing Maryville crawl spaces. We have assisted thousands of homeowners with various home repair services. Our experienced team specializes in crawl space repair services like encapsulation. We help homeowners reclaim their crawl space so they can rest easy knowing their home is safe and healthy once again.

Do you suspect there are other issues in your crawl space that you didn't see in the list above? At American Foundation & Waterproofing, we start by identifying the symptoms of crawl space damage and flooding in your Maryville home in order to find the root cause. We will conduct an efficient and thorough inspection of your crawl space to determine whether water is the culprit. Then, we can recommend repair solutions. 

We want to help return your crawl space in Maryville to a usable, dry, and clean space for storage. Our team will work to determine the most appropriate solutions that fit your requirements and budget. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about the symptoms and signs of crawl space flooding in your Maryville home.