Protect Your Crawl Space with a Sump Pump 

Crawl spaces are prone to water damage given their location and design. Without the proper waterproofing systems in place, your crawl space could flood and cause extensive water damage. Installing a crawl space sump pump system in your Knoxville home can help you avoid water damage and keep your crawl space dry and healthy. 

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How Water Enters Your Crawl Space

Water can enter your crawl space in many different ways and cause extensive damage. Heavy rainstorms can result in a flooded crawl space if there is no system installed to help channel the water outside. Water can also enter through cracks in the floors or walls and cause flood damage. A sump pump system installation from our Knoxville experts can help prevent your crawlspace from flooding. It has a basin or basket and a pump that evacuates excess water through a tube and away from your home. It is important to keep your crawlspace foundations dry, as any moisture can lead to expensive damage.

Our Crawl Space Sump Pump Systems

We use the PHCC Pro Series sump pumps by Glentronics for their energy-saving features and industrial-grade strength. The line of PHCC Pro Series includes multiple primary and battery backup pumps to provide your crawl space with the ultimate protection. Each system is designed for higher pumping capacities and energy efficiency. 

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Our sump pump installation experts can help your home in Knoxville. Battery backup sump pumps are an important piece of the system in case your main sump pump fails to operate. A power outage can cause your main sump pump to fail and the battery backup will automatically kick on and prevent your crawl space from flooding. 

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Silver Glo Encapsulation with New Dehumidifier in a crawl space