Several common issues may cause crawl space damage. At American Foundation & Waterproofing in Maryville, our crawl space stabilization, waterproofing, and repair experts will identify the underlying problem in your crawl space. We will then recommend repair solutions that will prevent future issues.

Crawl space needs desperate repairs

Inadequate Grading

During construction, a slope is added to the surrounding land to help direct water away from the building rather than toward it. Throughout the years, soil movement can subtly alter the slope of the land until the downslope goes toward the house. This shift allows water to enter your crawl space and can cause major problems.

Poor Exterior Drainage

If a gutter system is clogged (or improperly installed), it can overflow quickly. When water pools around the house, it can get into and damage your crawl space in Maryville.

Foundation Cracks

Homes tend to settle as they age, which results in cracks in the foundation walls. Unfortunately, water needs only the tiniest of cracks to intrude, which can damage your basement or crawl space in Maryville.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When water pools around your foundation’s exterior, it exerts what is called hydrostatic pressure. Over time, that pressure will cause foundation walls to bow inward and force water into the basement through small pores or cracks in the concrete’s surface.

Leaking Doors or Vents

Older construction methods called for adding vents to crawl spaces. However, those vents give free reign to water and pests, which can cause significant damage.

Pest Infestation

If pests like bugs, rats, spiders, snakes, or squirrels get into your home’s crawl space, they can cause serious damage. 


If your crawl space has water trouble, sagging joists, or other problems, our crawl space stabilization, waterproofing, and repair team in Maryville can help. We offer solutions for all of your crawl space issues to prevent similar trouble in the future.


Does your Maryville home have crawl space damage or water intrusion? If so, contact our experienced team at American Foundation & Waterproofing. We offer free inspections and we can discuss possible repair or waterproofing options with you. Schedule a free inspection today for damage in your crawl space in Maryville!

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