Repairing Foundations 

American Foundation & Waterproofing offers expert foundation repair services using some of the most advanced piering products on the market. Whether your home is sinking due to soil erosion, improper water management, or another issue entirely, foundation piers stop your home's foundation from further settlement. Our foundation repair products are manufactured by Supportworks®, one of the largest producers of foundation repair products in North America. However, our partnership with their team provides us with much more than their products. Our Knoxville foundation specialists also get access to their experts in construction, geotechnical and structural engineering, foundation assessment, product innovation, and, most importantly, training to ensure our team is well-equipped to stabilize and discover a repair solution for any foundation issue we encounter. One of these specially engineered foundation push piers will be the perfect fit for your home in and around Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, Cookeville, Tennessee, and throughout western North Carolina and North Georgia. 

Chattanooga Foundation Repair

Our Foundation Repair Products

As we mentioned, our foundation repair products are manufactured by Supportworks®. Each and every product they manufacture is tested by construction professionals and geo-technical engineers to ensure they work efficiently and will last for the long haul. Check out the information below to learn about our differing piering products.

Push Pier

Push Piers

Steel push piers are utilized by our Knoxville foundation specialists for structural foundation repairs on settling foundations. It is attached to the foundation, then pushed down until the bottom of the pier makes contact with the hard bedrock by using a hydraulic press. By doing so, the pier uses the bedrock or other load-bearing strata far below your home to support the foundation instead of the soft, movable soil just beneath the surface. In many cases, this also allows for a powerful base from which we can effectively "push" the foundation back to its original position, long before the foundation settlement took place. The objective of steel push piers is to support and level your structure’s load-bearing basement walls by transferring the weight of the structure from weaker soils to the metal piers which are pressed deep to load-bearing soils.

diagram of slab piers

Slab Piers

Slab piers are for a unique foundation condition. Sinking basement floors from unstable soil beneath your home will sometimes begin to crack, creating multiple sections out of what was once a unified concrete floor. After the pieces have cracked apart, they can begin to sink in an irregular pattern, causing unsightly trip hazards all across the basement floor. Slab piers fix these sinking sections by stabilizing the basement floor, unlike push piers that are meant to stabilize the walls of your basement.

Helical pier close-up

Helical Piers

Helical piers are a much more preventative type of pier that help when they’re pre-installed on newly built homes and businesses. Usually, these are used in areas known to have sinking, soft soil conditions that will lead to foundation settlement down the line. Helical piers are similar to push piers in that they are meant to stabilize the foundation by pushing into the load-bearing strata below. Although different in nature, this design is made for all major stress points of the building, stabilizing against both inward and outward forces that press against your basement walls.

20+ Years of Installation Excellence

American Foundation & Waterproofing has been repairing foundations using our engineer-tested products for more than 20 years. Please contact the Knoxville foundation specialists at American Foundation & Waterproofing at 865-982-0250 to schedule an appointment for a foundation repair consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!