Symptoms of Foundation Damage

Symptoms of foundation damage aren’t always easy to identify, because they aren’t always visible. There are, however, some common signs that homeowners should be aware of. If you notice any of the following symptoms of foundation damage in your Chattanooga home, reach out to American Foundation & Waterproofing right away for a free inspection. If caught early on, damage can be repaired and measures can be taken to prevent more extensive damage in the future.

Floor crack repair in Tennessee

Floor Cracks & Gaps

In a basement with concrete floors, cracks can form if the foundation is settling. If your basement has wood or planked floors, you may see gaps between the floor planks.

Exterior Foundation Cracks

Interior & Exterior Wall Cracks

Wall cracks may appear inside or outside of the home if the foundation is settling. Drywall, concrete, and brick walls all can exhibit signs of cracks. Foundation floor cracks and wall cracks found in Chattanooga homes can present in different ways. For example, brick walls may show stair-step cracking.

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

Bowed Walls

When structural damage is more severe, walls in the basement may appear to bend or bow. Bowed walls could eventually collapse, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Uneven Floor

Uneven, Sloping Floors

Foundation settlement can cause floors to slope. You can check whether your floors are sloping by putting a ball on the floor and seeing if it rolls.

Stuck Window Sign Of Foundation Issues

Doors & Windows that Stick

If you experience doors or windows in your home that don’t open or close properly, it could be due to a settling foundation. The foundation damage in your Chattanooga home can cause the window and door frames to become misaligned, causing them to stick.

Door Gap Sign Of Foundation Issues

Gaps Appearing Between Walls & Ceiling, Doors & Windows

With foundation settling, the walls in the house may start to shift out of place. You may notice gaps starting to form where the walls meet the ceiling or floor, or gaps between door or window frames between the casings and the walls.

Foundation Issues

If you notice any of the common symptoms of foundation damage in your Chattanooga home, American Foundation & Waterproofing can provide a free foundation inspection. Reach out to our wall and floor crack inspection team in Chattanooga today to schedule your inspection and receive a free quote.