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Being a real estate agent has unique challenges.

At American Foundation & Waterproofing, we understand that Real Estate Pros have very unique needs, and because of the Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act, a home with a wet basement, wet crawl space, or structural foundation issues may require realtors to discount homes in order to get the house to the closing table, or it could not sell at all.

We want to help real estate sellers make a sale with our foundation and sloping floor repair services in Knoxville. We have a dedicated Real Estate Pro Division that works with professionals like you. If your listing has sloping floors, a settling foundation, a wet basement, or a nasty crawl space, we can help you the right way. The American way! So, if you've ever gotten half-way into the purchasing/selling and closing process, and had a home inspection reveal foundation or water intrusion problems, you know that you need someone credible that you can trust to take care of the problems and satisfy both the seller and buyer - That is the real estate seller foundation repair team in Knoxville at American Foundation & Waterproofing.

We understand the urgency needed to close a real estate transaction and work with agents, buyers, and sellers to schedule inspections and complete foundation or sloping floor repairs in Knoxville in an expedited manner, so that closings are not delayed. We offer priority scheduling for realtors, so call us today at 865-982-0250 or fill out the form and someone will contact you to set up an expedited inspection.

Our real estate seller foundation repair team in Knoxville will provide you and your clients with -

  • Priority inspection scheduling
  • Free written estimates
  • Priority project scheduling and completion
  • Fully transferable warranties with no fees or conditions
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