Mudjacking vs. PolyLevel®

The Problem of Sunken Concrete

Mudjacking is a traditional method of concrete leveling, but beware that it isn’t entirely effective or long-lasting. This method works by drilling 1- to 2-inch holes into the concrete slab and pumping those holes full of cement slurry, which then cures and hardens. One disadvantage of mudjacking is that the slurry material used isn’t waterproof and is susceptible to the climate changes, which can cause it to shrink, break down, and erode, just like the original soil that caused the problem in the first place. The cement slurry is also heavy, which only adds to soil settling issues. Mudjacking, although a quicker fix over full slab replacement, isn’t a reliable long-term solution to concrete settling issues.

Disadvantages of Mudjacking

There are many reasons for concrete to sink; however, the primary reason is the soil underneath. The weight of concrete in a wet climate is no longer supported after time due to constant shifting of the soil, which causes the foundation to lose support. The soil will expand when wet and contract when dry, which creates voids in the soil and causes the slab to settle farther into the ground. To truly fix the problem in a permanent manner, the soil issues must be addressed. At American Foundation and Waterproofing we believe that the most efficient solution for our Bristol customers is a PolyLevel installation in the home.   

Benefits of PolyLevel

A better alternative to mudjacking is PolyLevel®, which is a polyurethane foam that’s injected through dime-size holes drilled into the concrete so it fills in voids beneath the slab and provides a stronger and more permanent solution to concrete lifting and leveling. PolyLevel is lightweight and waterproof, so it isn’t impacted by changing weather conditions. Installation is fast and you won’t have to wait hours for the material to set. After the PolyLevel is installed, you can use your concrete surface in as little as 15 minutes! The polyurethane foam is also incredibly lightweight, so it doesn’t add weight to the soil and cause further sinking to occur. If you’ve noticed sunken, cracked, or uneven concrete around your home, contact American Foundation & Waterproofing today. Our team of concrete lifting and leveling experts can provide a free inspection and quote for our PolyLevel services in the Knoxville area. Let our team help you create a safer environment for you and your family.  

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