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Our experts at American Foundation & Waterproofing have proudly served Maryville residents with foundation repair solutions since 2007. It’s very important to protect your home’s structural integrity, which is why we offer quality products to restore your home’s foundation and prevent any future damage. Our foundation contractors are proud to be partnered with one of the top foundation repair manufacturers in the world, Supportworks, who supplies all of our foundation repair solutions. Their products are specially designed to provide a permanent fix for foundation settlement and restore your home’s value and safety. 

Our Maryville customers have trusted us with foundation repair since 2007. The team at American Foundation helps prevent this type of damage by offering an effective crawl space waterproofing and repair service in Maryville. To schedule your free inspection, contact us today and find out why we’ve become one of the most respected companies throughout eastern Tennessee, north Georgia, and western North Carolina.

The Importance of Foundation Repair

The structural integrity of your entire home relies on your foundation, which is why it’s an important investment to protect the safety and value of your home. Although it may not seem like an urgent problem, early signs of foundation damage must be taken seriously and inspected before the problem becomes worse. Your foundation will continue to settle over time and only create bigger, more expensive issues if ignored. The foundation repair experts at American Foundation in Maryville can help you prevent further damage. 


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What Causes Foundation Problems?

The soil that your foundation rests on is the main culprit for foundation problems. Particularly in the Southeast, we see many of the following soil problems that cause foundation settlement:

Soil Erosion


Soil compaction

Poor Soil Compaction

Soil type

Soil Shrinkage

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Symptoms of Foundation Issues 

There are many different signs of foundation problems that all homeowners should keep an eye out for, including cracks in the slab or basement walls in your Maryville home. Even at the earliest signs of these problems, it’s important to get it inspected by a professional to learn about your options for repair. If left untreated, the problem will only get worse and become a more expensive problem in the long run. If you notice any of the following symptoms below, contact your foundation contractors at American Foundation! 

Interior floor crack

Floor Cracks

Wooden floor gap

Gaps in Wooden Floors

Stair step crack in basement cement block wall

Stair-step Cracks in Brickwork

ceiling gap

Gaps Between Walls & Ceiling or Floor

Stuck door sign of foundation settlement

Sticking Doors & Windows

Wall crack above door is a problem

Interior & Exterior Wall Cracks

Uneven Floor

Uneven, Sloping Floors

Door Gap Sign Of Foundation Issues

Gaps Between Wall & Window or Door Casing

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

Bowing Basement Walls