Pool Deck Leveling for Knoxville Homeowners

For many homeowners, an in-ground pool provides years of enjoyment and memories. However, concrete pools also require regular maintenance and the occasional repair job. Whether it’s cracks, leaks, or an uneven deck, pool issues should be addressed quickly to prevent more expensive repairs down the line. American Foundation and Waterproofing offers efficient concrete pool leveling in the Knoxville area that can get your pool deck back to its original state. 

Causes of Uneven Pool Decks

As with other concrete surfaces, pool decks are at risk of settling or lifting, which can cause unsightly cracks and tripping hazards. Soil erosion, drought, or poor soil compaction during pool installation can all contribute to an uneven pool deck. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to call our pool deck leveling team in Knoxville for uneven concrete lifting, so you can enjoy your pool safely. 

Pool Deck Leveling with PolyLevel

If you’re looking for a fast and long-lasting solution to your uneven pool deck, contact the experts at American Foundation in Knoxville. Old solutions to pool deck leveling often involved days of work and draining the pool. Our team in Knoxville has a simple pool deck leveling process, which involves the use of PolyLevel, a polyurethane foam that’s injected into small holes beneath the concrete. As soon as the foam is injected, it quickly expands and hardens to a waterproof material that will last for years. You can then enjoy your level pool deck without the worry of further settlement and damage.

Benefits of PolyLevel®:

  • Installation is fast and non-invasive
  • Material is lightweight and prevents further settling
  • Waterproof
  • Fast cure time

You’ve been staring at that uneven pool deck for awhile—get it fixed fast and easy with our PolyLeveling solution! After the PolyLevel is injected and cured, you can quickly return to enjoying your pool without having to wait for days or weeks. Contact our pool leveling team in Knoxville at American Foundation to schedule your free inspection.