Concrete issues are a common occurrence. Sometimes the damage is obvious, like large cracks, but sometimes the signs are more subtle. If you’ve noticed any of the following concrete damage signs on your Chattanooga property, it’s best to contact our team at American Foundation & Waterproofing for a free inspection.

Concrete Cracks in driveway need repaired


Concrete that is settling unevenly is prone to cracking. The cracks can be large and apparent or even small and easy to miss. Any settling cracks in your foundation in Chattanooga concrete should be addressed.

Uneven driveway slabs

Uneven Slabs

Settlement issues can cause driveway, basement floor, or sidewalk slabs to sink unevenly. You may notice that some slabs are rising above the surface or sinking below the ground.

Pooling water in concrete

Pooling Water

Water that starts pooling in your concrete slab and doesn’t drain likely means you have settlement problems. The surface of the concrete will eventually become damaged from the standing water, so it’s important to address the root cause.

Wear and Tear in concrete

Excessive Wear & Tear

Concrete that is settling unevenly might also produce unsightly flakes, pits, potholes, dents, or more concrete damage signs in your Chattanooga home, making the surface look worn and neglected.

Wall cracks in concrete wall

Floor or wall cracks

Slabs that are settling unevenly may cause cracks to form in your floors or walls. As the slabs shift beneath the surface, the walls and floors might crack because of excess pressure.

Stuck door sign of foundation settlement

Sticking doors & windows

If your doors and windows are often stuck, you might have slab issues in your Chattanooga home. Concrete damage signs often occur when concrete slabs sink, the surrounding walls are subjected to immense pressure, which then causes issues with the casings around windows and doors.

Wall crack above door is a problem

Wallpaper or drywall issues

Torn wallpaper and cracked drywall are more than an unsightly annoyance, they may also indicate an issue with your concrete floors. Slab settlement can cause walls to shift, which then causes damage to wallpaper and drywall. This often occurs in the basement or garage, but stay aware of wallpaper issues throughout your home.

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