Basement Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in basement walls are a symptom of foundation settlement and damage. When small cracks are present, it could be a natural occurrence that happens during the curing process of the concrete. Usually, these types of cracks are harmless and aren’t necessarily a sign that there’s foundation damage. But if you are seeing large cracks, and they seem to be expanding with time, this may be an indication that your foundation is settling.  

At American Foundation & Waterproofing, our team of foundation repair specialists can offer a free inspection of your basement wall cracks and determine whether you have foundation settling or damage. We can also provide recommendations to repair the cracks and your foundation, including taking measures to prevent further damage.   

Causes of Basement Wall Cracks

If you’ve noticed cracks in your basement walls, it’s important to act quickly and identify the cause so you can address the issue before it gets worse. Our team can determine the best solution based on the root cause. Basement walls may show cracks because of one or more of the following problems:

Improper soil compaction: If the soil underneath your foundation wasn’t properly compacted when your house was built, it will settle over time due to changing weather patterns and the sheer weight of the structure it is supporting. As the soil shifts and settles, the foundation will settle unevenly, which causes excessive pressure on the basement walls.

Hydrostatic pressure: Heavy rain or melted snow can absorb into the soil and cause it to expand against the foundation walls. The walls will eventually bow or crack from the pressure as it builds over time.

Soil shrinkage: When soil shrinks or compacts unevenly, the foundation will settle in an irregular pattern. This can eventually lead to problems. With some areas exposed to more pressure than others, cracks can form in basement walls.

Soil erosion: As soil erodes around your home, rainwater can easily flow toward the foundation and cause irregular settlement. As the foundation settles, it can cause basement walls to crack.

Vegetation: Extensive root systems from trees, shrubs, and bushes can disrupt the concrete foundation and cause excess water to seep toward your home. Your basement walls may crack or bow because of this pressure.

Basement Wall Crack Solutions

Our team will assess the cracks in your basement walls and recommend the best solution for your needs. To repair basement wall cracks, we offer the following solutions:

Foundation piers: Push piers or helical piers are an effective way to restore your home’s foundation and stability. Your home will also be protected from further settling and damage.

Bowed wall repair: When your basement walls are bowing and cracking, you have several options. The systems we use to repair bowed walls include GeoLock™ Anchors, the PowerBrace™ system, the CarbonArmor® system, or helical anchors.

Basement crack repair: Cracks in your basement walls can indicate foundation settlement issues, and to remedy this problem, we may implement slab piers, PolyLevel®, or NexusPro® to support the slab and protect against future damage.

House leveling: The Supportworks’ SmartJack® System is an effective solution that restores your entire home to its original position. 

Contact our team of experts at American Foundation & Waterproofing to schedule your free inspection and request a free estimate for basement wall crack repair for your Knoxville home!