Many homes across Tennessee, western North Carolina, and north Georgia are built with crawl spaces, which can become damaged for various reasons. Common signs of damage are pooling water and sagging joists. Fortunately, our team of Chattanooga crawl space stabilization and waterproofing experts can fix the damage to your crawl space that can be caused by the following issues.

Improper Sloping

As a house is constructed, the surrounding land is graded to ensure it slopes away from the foundation. The soil around the home can become compacted over time, which prevents water from penetrating into the ground during excessive rainfall. This water will then flow over the surface of the soil and toward the foundation, where it will seep into the crawl space and cause a number of problems.

Insufficient Drainage

Exterior gutters are a critical feature that keeps a house safe from water damage. A gutter system should be properly maintained to ensure it doesn’t leak and won’t overflow. It should also contain long downspouts that redirect water away from the foundation. Short downspouts and clogged gutters will inevitably cause water issues in the crawl space.

Foundation Cracks

Water can easily seep through any cracks or fissures in your foundation, regardless of size. An aging home will often settle unevenly on top of soil that’s shifting and compacting over time. This settlement can cause foundation cracks and crawl space damage in your Chattanooga home, which can create an entry point for any excess moisture. Water will naturally flow into even the smallest cracks, so it’s important to bring in an expert who can identify them.

Hydrostatic Pressure

This refers to exterior pressure against the foundation walls. When a house is being built, some of the soil must be moved and is therefore not as compact as the rest of the surrounding soil. Over time, this loose soil can become water-logged and add up to 60 lbs. per cubic foot of excess pressure against the foundation. Because of this constant pressure, water begins to seep through small cracks and pores in the concrete, causing crawl space damage in your Chattanooga home.

Unsealed Vents and Doors

In the past, many homebuilders believed that ventilation was an important feature of a crawl space because it allowed airflow to keep the area dry. However, this ventilation is also an easy way for water and pests to enter your crawl space and cause damage. Many older homes still have vents in their crawl spaces, so it’s important to seal those spaces and protect against moisture and pests.

Infestation of Pests

Termites aren’t the only pests that cause damage to Chattanooga homes, although they’re often a leading source because of the wood construction. Other reptiles, insects, and mammals have been known to make their homes inside crawl spaces and cause extensive damage. Whether you have unwanted spiders, squirrels, rats, or snakes, it’s best to protect your crawl space in Chattanooga from the damage they can cause under your home.


If your crawl space needs some repair work because of water damage, decomposing support beams, or sagging floor joists, you can trust our Chattanooga crawl space experts to find a solution. We’ll make sure that your crawl space is repaired and protected against further damage.


Contact American Foundation & Waterproofing for your crawl space waterproofing needs in Chattanooga. Our team can advise you on the best solutions to repair current damage and waterproof against further water intrusion. We serve customers throughout Tennessee, western North Carolina, and northern Georgia. Schedule your free inspection to get started on crawlspace stabilization and waterproofing in Chattanooga!

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