Figuring out whether or not your Maryville home has foundation damage can be challenging since not all damage is visible. However, be aware of some common symptoms of foundation damage. Keep an eye out for the following issues and contact the American Foundation & Waterproofing team for support with foundation damage in your Maryville home when you need it!

Floor crack repair in Tennessee

Floor Cracks & Gaps Between Floor Planks

Gaps and cracks can show up in concrete basement floors or in wooden and laminate flooring upstairs.  Floor cracks in your Maryville home can be a common issue when foundations start settling.

Exterior Foundation Cracks

Interior & Exterior Wall Cracks

Watch for cracks in your interior drywall or concrete walls. Wall cracks may appear in your Maryville home as stair-step cracks in brick walls.

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

Bowed Walls

When walls begin bending or bowing, it is a strong indication that the structural integrity of your Maryville home is at risk.

Uneven Floor

Uneven, Sloping Floors

Are your floors starting to feel uneven or like they have a slope to them? That is another indication of foundation damage in your Maryville home.

Stuck Window Sign Of Foundation Issues

Doors & Windows that Stick

Foundation settlement puts pressure on the entire support structure of a home and can start to shift the entire thing. One common symptom of this problem is sudden problems opening or closing windows and doors. 

Door Gap Sign Of Foundation Issues

Gaps Appearing Between Walls & Ceiling, Doors & Windows

When a home's structure starts shifting or settling, gaps between the walls and ceilings or floors may appear. Similar gaps and foundation cracks in your Maryville home can also occur around door and window frames.


If any of these common foundation damage symptoms are present in your Maryville home, we will provide a free inspection. The experienced American Foundation & Waterproofing team will determine if your foundation needs repair and provide long-lasting solutions for foundation damage. Call our Maryville team today to get started.