If the uneven concrete slab floor in your Bristol & Tri-Cities basement has unlevel surfaces, it poses a tripping hazard and may prevent you from installing any new flooring materials if you decide to finish your basement. American Foundation & Waterproofing offers cost-effective and reliable basement floor leveling services in Bristol & Tri-Cities to restore your floor to a safe, level surface.  

Customers trust us with all their basement slab leveling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our basement floor leveling services in Bristol & Tri-Cities and to schedule your free inspection.

Why Basement Slabs Become Unlevel

During residential construction projects, the soil is excavated and then backfilled. This process initially provides a level surface for the house’s foundation. However, it disturbs the compact soil. Changes in weather cause the soil to shift. It begins to expand and contract, which can create voids. The underlying soil can no longer fully support the weight of your home, and the foundation and the basement slab may begin to sink. When a basement slab becomes unlevel or cracks, it is not enough to patch the surface. The voids in the underlying soil need to be addressed.


Basement Slab Leveling with PolyLevel® 

The good news is that not all uneven basement slabs in Bristol and Tri-Cities need to be completely replaced. In many cases, basement slab leveling services are an appropriate repair option. American Foundation & Waterproofing's foundation repair experts can lift sunken concrete surfaces back into place. Our basement floor leveling team in Bristol & Tri-Cities uses PolyLevel®, a lightweight and durable polyurethane foam, to return your basement slab to its original level position. We inject this foam into the voids underneath your basement slab. As the foam dries, it expands and hardens, lifting the sunken slab back into place. 

This permanent solution has other benefits, including:

  • Quick cure time
  • It’s light, so it won’t cause future settling
  • Waterproof
  • Minimally invasive, fast installation

PolyLevel is a cost-effective, long-term solution to sunken concrete slabs. You can count on our team at American Foundation & Waterproofing with your Bristol & Tri-Cities basement floor leveling projects. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

Basement before with crack