Lift Your Concrete with PolyLevel®

Concrete can be difficult to sustain at times; it can become sunken in areas such as homeowner’s sidewalk, driveway, patio, basement slab, or garage floor. When this happens, it becomes a hazardous tripping danger to you and your family. Replacing a slab of concrete can be quite costly when, in many cases, you can simply lift the sunken concrete slab; although, some unique cases may require a complete replacement.  The most noninvasive, quick-curing solution for lifting your sunken concrete is PolyLevel®. You can rely on American Foundation & Waterproofing for your PolyLevel installation and sunken concrete repair in Bristol. We serve homeowners all throughout Tennessee, western North Carolina, and north Georgia.

Why Concrete Sinks

There are many reasons for concrete to sink; however, the primary reason is the soil underneath. The weight of concrete in a wet climate is no longer supported after time due to constant shifting of the soil, which causes the foundation to lose support. The soil will expand when wet and contract when dry, which creates voids in the soil and causes the slab to settle farther into the ground. To truly fix the problem in a permanent manner, the soil issues must be addressed. At American Foundation and Waterproofing we believe that the most efficient solution for our Bristol customers is a PolyLevel installation in the home.

Features of PolyLevel®

Mudjacking may temporarily lift your concrete; however, eventually, it will wash out again since it is not a completely waterproof solution. The distinct difference is PolyLevel, a waterproof solution, is a polyurethane foam. This can be injected into the soil underneath the sunken slab for stabilization, which procures a more permanent solution. A few benefits of PolyLevel include noninvasive installation, lightweight material to prevent further settlement, completely waterproof, and quick cure time. Requesting a PolyLevel installation in your Bristol home is an efficient solution for your sunken concrete all around because it is quick to install and allows the slab to be back in use quickly. 

American Foundation & Waterproofing are your sunken concrete repair experts in Bristol. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

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