Crawl space damage is often caused by one of several common problems. Our crawl space repair, stabilization, and waterproofing experts in Bristol and Tri-Cities can identify the root cause of your crawl space damage, recommend repair solutions, and take measures to prevent future damage.

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Inadequate Grading

During the construction process, the land is graded to slope away from the building. This process ensures water moves away from the building instead of toward it. However, over time, soil shifts and water can start flowing toward your home. If water gets into your crawl space, it can cause significant damage.

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Poor Exterior Drainage

Improperly installed gutter systems or gutters that are clogged can quickly overflow. If the excess water pools around your home instead of being redirected away from it, it may enter your crawl space, causing damage to your Bristol or Tri-Cities home.

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Foundation Cracks

As homes age, they start to settle. This movement may result in foundation cracks. Even the smallest cracks will allow water to get into your home. This is a common cause of crawl space damage to homes in Bristol and the Tri-Cities.

Wet concrete basement wall

Hydrostatic Pressure

This term refers to extreme pressure on the foundation walls, which is caused by the saturation of expansive soils. Water will eventually work its way into your home through cracks or pores in the surface of the concrete.

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Leaking Doors or Vents

Crawl space vents used to be installed on a regular basis in older homes. Unfortunately, these vents can allow pests and water easy access to your crawl space. Sealing the vents is a good solution to preventing water and pest intrusion and damage to your crawl space in Bristol and Tri-Cities.

Animal burrow

Pest Infestation

Termites aren’t the only pests to plague homes. Other critters and creatures like spiders, squirrels, snakes, rats, and assorted bugs can get into your crawl space and wreak havoc. 


Whether your crawl space has sagging joists, water trouble, or other issues, our Bristol and Tri-Cities crawl space stabilization, waterproofing, and repair team has appropriate repair solutions. We can repair the current damage and prevent similar problems from happening in the future.


If your home has water intrusion or structural damage in its crawl space, call the experts at American Foundation & Waterproofing. We are happy to provide a free inspection and discuss possible crawl space waterproofing, stabilization, and repair solutions for your Bristol and Tri-Cities home. Schedule your free inspection now to find crawl space damage in your Bristol or Tri-Cities home!