Bristol Helical Piers

Have you noticed the telltale signs of foundation issues in your home or business? Cracks in basement walls, leaning chimneys, and sticking windows or doors are some of the common symptoms that indicate your foundation is in need of repair. Buildings are extremely heavy and put an enormous amount of weight on the foundation. Without the right structural support, issues can arise that can wreak havoc on the building. You can trust in our Bristol team for quality foundation repair solutions as well as identifying other foundation issues. American Foundation & Waterproofing is dedicated to making your home or office building safe and sound. We are certified to install helical piers in our Bristol location. Helical piers are a popular and effective foundation repair solution that offers long-lasting support to buildings of varying sizes.

What Are Helical Piers?

Foundations are typically built on layers of soil. As the weather changes, so does the soil, which can cause shifting, eroding, expanding, and contracting over time. As the soil moves, the foundation will slowly sink without its support, which is why you may see cracks in your home’s walls or notice your doors and windows are sticking.Helical piers have proven time and time again to be an effective foundation repair solution to make failing foundations in Bristol homes more structurally sound. Helical piers are made of strong steel and are shaped like a screw.

These piers are essentially screwed into the ground below until they hit bedrock. Once the piers are in place, they are attached to the foundation with brackets. This allows the weight of the building to be supported by the piers, providing permanent support and preventing future issues. As the top layer of soil erodes because of water or other natural forces, the helical piers stay intact because they are deeply embedded into the solid bedrock below. Helical piers are a trusted foundation repair solution used by Bristol’s American Foundation & Waterproofing because they have proven to be durable and effective.

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