Our homes often have problems that are difficult to diagnose since we cannot always see them. That is the case with foundation settlement problems. Thankfully, when there is trouble with the foundation of a Maryville home, signs of foundation damage and clues about some common underlying factors are some things we can look for. Once our experienced team performs an assessment of your home and property, we will determine the appropriate next steps. To help you understand why foundation problems arise, we have highlighted a few causes of foundation damage below you may find in your home in Maryville, like vertical cracks and water damage.

Exterior Foundation Cracks

Expansive Soils

The foundation of your Maryville home is built upon what should be a stable soil surface. However, sometimes the underlying ground is expansive. The soil will expand when it takes on water and shrink as it evaporates. This consistent movement creates an unstable surface for the foundation of your home, which may cause portions of the foundation to sink.

Standing Water in the Crawl Space

Moisture buildup in crawl spaces is a significant problem, and standing water is even worse. The consistent presence of moisture will lead to signs of foundation water damage in your Maryville home. It will eventually damage the support beams and joists, resulting in significant foundation and floor system damage.

Improper Drainage

Your Maryville home should have a drainage system that redirects excess water away from your home's foundation. Sometimes, though, those systems don't get installed correctly or they become faulty over the years. When this happens, water can start to pool around the foundation of your home. That moisture may erode the soil around your foundation or seep into the concrete, causing it to crack. 

Foundation Issues

Have you noticed any of these common signs of foundation damage in your Maryville home? If so, our team will provide you with a free inspection. If we discover that your foundation needs help, we can develop a plan to repair it. Call us today to schedule your free inspection if you have noticed water damage, vertical cracks, or other signs of foundation settlement in your Maryville home.