Uneven foundation settlement is a problem that affects many houses in the Chattanooga area. It’s not always easy to know when your foundation is damaged, because many of the signs of foundation damage in your Chattanooga home can appear to be unrelated. Your home’s foundation can affect many other components of the structure, and it’s important to recognize some of the signs that you may be experiencing settlement. Here are some of the most common signs of foundation settlement your Chattanooga home may have hidden around it:

Floor crack repair in Tennessee

Damaged Floors & Space Between Planks

Foundation settlement can often create cracks in a concrete basement floor. You might also discover spaces between wood or laminate planks.

Exterior Foundation Cracks

Cracks in Exterior & Interior Walls

A damaged foundation can create cracks in your Chattanooga home. These occur in various types of materials, including drywall, concrete, and brick. In particular, be on the lookout for diagonal cracks, or a stair-step cracking pattern as a sign of foundation settlement in your Chattanooga home.

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

Bowing Walls

A basement wall that is bowing inward is a sure sign that your foundation is under too much stress and affecting your home’s structure.

Uneven Floor

Slanting Floors

This isn’t always visible to the naked eye, so try setting a ball on your floor to see if it consistently rolls to one side.

Stuck Window Sign Of Foundation Issues

Sticking Windows & Doors

Humidity is sometimes the cause of doors and windows that stick, but another cause is settlement issues. As the foundation settles, the home’s window and door frames can shift and create misalignment.

Door Gap Sign Of Foundation Issues

Gaps at Intersecting Walls, Windows & Doors

In addition to misaligned window and door frames, walls can also shift and separate because of foundation settlement. You may notice small gaps where your ceilings and floors join the walls or gaps around your window frames.


Foundation settlement and water damage signs in your Chattanooga home can be difficult to deal with as a homeowner, but it’s important to address any signs of foundation settlement right away before the damage to the entire structure worsens and becomes more costly to repair. American Foundation & Waterproofing has a team of foundation repair experts in Chattanooga who can evaluate signs of damage in your foundation and your home and recommend an effective, long-lasting solution. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!