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Our team has been repairing foundations, crawl spaces, and basements for more than a decade. Our sterling track record of service speaks for itself, and more than ten thousand homeowners throughout Tennessee, northern Georgia, and western North Carolina can attest to our outstanding service. When it comes to your crawl space solutions in Knoxville, we have a whole host of options to take care of everything from water damage to mold to sagging joists and more. 


Check out our full list of available crawl space repair products in Tennessee, north Georgia, and western North Carolina.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Liner & Vapor Barriers

Crawl space encapsulation is perfect for crawl spaces that deal with excess moisture regularly. We’ll line the entire space with one of two moisture barriers manufactured by Nash Distribution. Depending on the severity of the water intrusion or excess humidity, we will recommend lining the entire space with either a reinforced encapsulation liner or a vapor barrier. 

Basement drain system

Drain Systems

We partner with NDS, one of the top distributors of water management systems in the country, to install their EZ Flow system drain in Knoxville’s crawl spaces and basements. It offers a 30% better flow rate than competing French drain systems thanks to their poly-rock aggregate (which is used in place of the traditional gravel), and the materials used can work efficiently for more than 100 years!

SmartJacks installed


If you have utility bills that seem much higher than they should, lack of crawl space insulation may be the issue. However, standard insulation that you’d use inside your home is not the best solution for a crawl space, because it is likely to encounter moisture which will cause it to fail. We use SilverGlo Rigid Foam Board Insulation manufactured by Supportworks because it stands up better to the environment in your crawl space and is a longer-lasting solution than traditional insulation.

Crawl space support joist

Crawl Space Supports 

Noticing uneven, sloping main floors in your home? This could be due, at least in part, to sagging floor joists in your crawl space. Excess moisture in the space can penetrate wooden structures and cause them to sag under the weight of your home. Our SmartJack crawl space stabilizers, manufactured by Supportworks, are placed beneath any affected joists, allowing the joist to transfer some of the weight it’s upholding onto these heavy-duty, zinc-plated and galvanized steel jacks. The crawl space supports we install in Knoxville are adjustable, so there’s a possibility that we can even raise your floors back to or close to their original position to make them level once more!

installing a sump pump

Sump Pump Systems 

For crawl spaces with severe water intrusion issues, a sump pump is a necessary part of your crawl space waterproofing. We partner with Glentronics, a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products, to install their PHCC Pro Series sump pumps. These industrial-grade sump pumps can push gallons upon gallons of water out of your crawl space and away from your home to keep it dry and mitigate the risk of further damage.

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Humidity in the crawl space may not seem like a dire issue, but any excess moisture is an invitation for mold and mildew growth as well as pests that enjoy a damp environment. For humid crawl spaces, we install an Aprilaire dehumidifier which is perfect for residential applications. The crawl space dehumidifiers we install in Knoxville aren’t your standard basement dehumidifier that you have to empty daily. We’ll hook your system up so that it’s fully self-sustaining, pulling moisture out of the humid air in your crawl space to make it dry and usable again.

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