Most of us expect older concrete slabs to require repair eventually. However, even new concrete needs to be repaired on occasion. Whether you have an old, settled slab or a new one already showing signs of damage, American Foundation & Waterproofing in Bristol and Tri-Cities can help with the cause of concrete cracks. We have a variety of concrete repair methods that can save you money and time.

Repairing the damaged concrete on your property may feel like the last task you want on your list, but it is an important project to complete. Damaged concrete poses a tripping hazard for your guests, family, or people passing by. Additionally, damaged concrete decreases your home's curb appeal and, ultimately, its resale value.


Without enough support, concrete slabs begin sinking. Concrete can settle, sink, or crack due to any of the following causes:

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Eroding soil beneath your concrete slab removes the underlying support.

Wet conditions

Wet Conditions

Soil swells when there is excessive water present. Then, as the moisture evaporates, the soil shrinks, leaving the concrete slab above unsupported.



Drought conditions result in shrinking soil, leaving voids below the concrete's surface.

Soil type

Soil Type

Some soils are naturally prone to sinking in Bristol and Tri-Cities. The cause of concrete cracks can be sandy or clay-based soils that are both prone to movement.

Soil compaction

Poor Soil Compaction upon Installation

Before concrete is installed, the soil beneath it is compacted. If done hastily or improperly, the underlying soil eventually settles on its own, causing uneven areas in the concrete.

Animal burrow

Animals Burrowing or Tree Roots

Pesky animals sometimes dig burrows underneath concrete, leaving voids. Other times, the roots of large trees can grow under concrete slabs, pushing upward on the slabs and becoming the cause of concrete cracks in your Bristol and Tri-Cities home.

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