Common Symptoms of Concrete Issues

When you’re dealing with concrete settlement or surface damage, the symptoms are fairly obvious. You might even notice the symptoms of concrete settlement before you understand what’s causing them to appear. We’ve listed some of the most common symptoms of concrete settlement in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina here.

Concrete Cracks in driveway need repaired


Whether it’s a few large, longer cracks or many small cracks, this is one of the most obvious symptoms you’ll notice when you’re having issues with your concrete.

Uneven driveway slabs

Uneven Slabs

This may manifest as either a single slab sinking unevenly, such as a driveway or basement floor, or a group of slabs—like a sidewalk—where different slabs have risen or sunk to different levels.

Pooling water in concrete

Pooling Water

If water pools in the center of a concrete slab, not only is there likely a settlement issue, but it’s also likely to incur more issues from the sitting water. If the water can’t drain properly, increased wear and tear on the surface of the slab will begin to appear.

Wear and Tear in concrete

Excessive Wear & Tear

This can include dents, pitting, flaking, potholes, or just generally shabby and worn-looking concrete. 

Wall cracks in concrete wall

Floor or wall cracks

Interior and exterior wall cracks may mean an interior concrete slab is settling improperly. As it shifts, it can disrupt the surrounding walls leading to the formation of cracks.

Stuck door sign of foundation settlement

Sticking doors & windows

Sinking interior concrete slabs may put undue pressure on walls and cause them to shift. This can cause problems with window and door casings, making it harder to open or shut them.

Wall crack above door is a problem

Wallpaper or drywall issues

Cracked or protruding drywall or wallpaper that creases, tears, or wrinkles inexplicably may be tied to an improperly settling concrete floor. Whether you’re noticing this in the basement, garage, or another area entirely, it’s important to have an expert take a look to see if settling concrete is the source of the problem.

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