Concrete slabs in Chattanooga are often prone to sinking and settling, even when they’re freshly poured. New driveways can sometimes need repair work, as will old patio slabs that have settled into the ground. Regardless of the type of project, American Foundation & Waterproofing can help determine the cause of concrete cracks in your Chattanooga home. We can usually restore your concrete so you don’t have to invest in a full replacement.

Repairing a concrete slab on your property might not seem like a priority, but this is an important repair job that should be addressed quickly. Damaged slabs can decrease your home’s curb appeal and resale value, in addition to posing a dangerous tripping hazard for anyone on your property. A serious trip and fall from uneven concrete can even make you accountable for costly medical bills or lawsuits.


Concrete slabs that sink or crack are ultimately caused by inadequate support beneath the surface. Soil that is too weak to support the heavy concrete may be the result of one or more of the following:

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Over time, soil can erode from under the slab. When this happens, the concrete doesn’t have the support it needs and can sink.

Wet conditions

Wet Conditions

Rain and melted snow can cause soil to quickly swell. Once the water evaporates, the soil contracts and becomes too weak to support the concrete slabs.



Drought conditions can cause soil to continually shrink, creating voids beneath the surface, becoming the cause of concrete cracks in your Chattanooga home. Concrete slabs can then sink into unsupported soil.

Soil type

Soil Type

Concrete problems can simply be caused by the type of soil that exists around your home in Chattanooga. This can cause concrete cracks because soil with sandy particles is easily washed away, while clay soil is more likely to shrink and swell from excess moisture.

Soil compaction

Poor Soil Compaction upon Installation

An important step in the concrete installation process is compacting the soil. However, this isn’t always done properly, which can lead to problems down the line. Soil that was loosely compacted can eventually shift over time and cause slabs to settle unevenly, becoming the cause of concrete cracks in your Chattanooga home.

Animal burrow

Animals Burrowing or Tree Roots

Various pests like to burrow into the soil beneath concrete slabs, which creates voids and weakens the soil so it can’t support concrete slabs. Trees with large roots can also push against slabs and cause them to lift up from the surface. This problem requires tree removal and filling in voids.

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Concrete problems that aren’t addressed right away will only lead to more costly repair work in the future. Contact the team at American Foundation & Waterproofing for a free inspection and explanation of concrete cracking types for your Chattanooga home. Let us remedy your concrete issues with an effective, long-lasting solution.