Determining whether you're facing foundation settling issues can be a bit of a challenge because the problem often isn't visible right away. Your home will start to show certain signs that indicate foundation problems are present. For example, wall cracks are common signs, and paying attention to them early on can help you avoid more costly troubles later on. Some of the most common symptoms and signs of foundation problems in Maryville homes, such as foundation cracks, are outlined below.

Floor crack repair in Tennessee

Floor Cracks & Gaps Between Floor Planks

When your Maryville home settles, you might see foundation cracks or splits in concrete basement floors. If your place has wood or faux wood floors, gaps between the planks can start showing up too.

Exterior Foundation Cracks

Interior & Exterior Wall Cracks

In Maryville homes, cracks can show up on any walls, including those made of drywall or concrete. You might also see stair-step cracking on interior or exterior brick walls.

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

Bowed Walls

Initially, bowing basement walls may appear as a slight bend, but if ignored, they can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your home, threatening its overall stability and safety.

Uneven Floor

Uneven, Sloping Floors

If you put a ball on your living room floor and it rolls away, this could mean the floors are sloping due to foundation settling in your Maryville home.

Stuck Window Sign Of Foundation Issues

Doors & Windows that Stick

When your foundation settles, it can make door and window frames shift. This shift causes doors and windows to not line up right, making them hard to open or close because of misalignment.

Door Gap Sign Of Foundation Issues

Gaps Appearing Between Walls & Ceiling, Doors & Windows

Just like door and window frames can get misaligned, walls can shift away from ceilings and floors. You might also notice gaps where the casings around doors and windows don't meet the walls properly.


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If you see signs of foundation problems in your Maryville house, like uneven floors, foundation cracks, or basement flooding, American Foundation & Waterproofing can help. We work in Maryville, Tennessee, western North Carolina, and north Georgia. Our team will do a free inspection to determine the condition of your foundation. If it is experiencing issues, we'll make a plan to stabilize your home for good. Reach out to American Foundation & Waterproofing in Maryville, TN for your free inspection and estimate!