Thankfully, concrete settlement and surface damage produce visible signs and symptoms, quickly alerting you to trouble. You may notice these symptoms of concrete damage in your Bristol & Tri-Cities property before realizing there is an underlying problem. We have gathered some common signs of concrete settling cracks in your foundation in Bristol & Tri-Cities, so you can watch for trouble.

Concrete Cracks in driveway need repaired


One of the clear signs of damaged concrete is cracks. These may appear in clusters of small cracks or a few larger ones. If you notice cracks in your patio, driveway, or sidewalk in Bristol and Tri-Cities, this concrete damage indicates trouble with your concrete.

Uneven driveway slabs

Uneven Slabs

Concrete may develop uneven areas in sidewalks, driveways, or basement floors. These pose a tripping hazard and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Pooling water in concrete

Pooling Water

Pooling water in a concrete slab is a sign of improper settling. It also poses the risk of further damage to the slab. Pooling water will cause more rapid wear and tear on a concrete surface.

Wear and Tear in concrete

Excessive Wear & Tear

Shabby concrete with a worn appearance, including pitting, dents, potholes, or flaking, requires attention.

Wall cracks in concrete wall

Floor or wall cracks

Cracks in walls and floors indicate improper settling of the concrete slab. These concrete settling cracks in your Bristol and Tri-Cities home may appear in interior walls or floors and exterior walls.

Stuck door sign of foundation settlement

Sticking doors & windows

When concrete foundation slabs sink, they exert pressure on walls and may cause them to shift. This movement can result in sticking doors and windows and more concrete damage in your Bristol or Tri-Cities home.

Wall crack above door is a problem

Wallpaper or drywall issues

If you have unexplained trouble with your wallpaper or drywall, such as tears, wrinkles, or creases, you may have underlying issues with your concrete floor. An expert inspection can help determine the root cause.


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