How Bowed Walls Impact Your Home 

Bowed walls in your basement are not only an eyesore, but an indication that there is a serious problem with your home’s foundation. As your foundation begins to settle, it can put an immense amount of pressure on your basement walls and cause them to bow. This can compromise the strength of your home’s structure and become very unsafe for you and your family. Our team can repair the bowed basement and foundation walls in your Knoxville home.

If you notice bowed walls in your basement, it’s important to address them immediately before the problem gets worse. Contact our experts at American Foundation & Waterproofing to see why we are one of the most sought-after companies throughout Tennessee, western North Carolina, and north Georgia.  


Symptoms of Bowed Walls

Although it may seem like an obvious problem, sometimes symptoms of bowed walls are harder to identify. It’s important to keep an eye out for even the most subtle signs of bowing walls to know when to call in the experts.  

  • Horizontal or stair-step foundation wall cracks
  • Signs of inward movement, bulging or buckling 
  • Walls leaning at the top or sliding in at the bottom
  • Diagonal cracking at corners of poured concrete foundation walls

Even if your walls aren’t severely bowed, there could be early indications that they are starting to bow from the pressure that is put on your foundation walls. If you notice any unusual cracking, bowing, or bulging, start tackling the problem early and get your free inspection. Our Knoxville bowed basement and foundation wall repair team has years of experience addressing these issues.

Bowed Wall Foundation Repair

What Causes Walls to Bow?

As the moisture content changes in the soils in the ground, it can put an immense amount of pressure on your foundation walls. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the amount of force being put on your foundation walls by the soils as they expand from moisture buildup. This pressure can not only cause your walls to bow, but can also cause water to leak into your basement through the wall cracks and cause water damage. 

Rely on American Foundation for Bowed Wall Repair Basement and Foundation Wall Repair In Knoxville

At American Foundation, we realize the importance of addressing the problem early before it causes more damage to your home and becomes more expensive. We gladly offer free inspections to our customers to help identify the problems and recommend a solution to protect your home.