Hydrostatic Pressure

If you have bowed walls in your Knoxville basement, there’s a good chance this is a result of hydrostatic pressure. This is the most common cause of water entry into a basement and common signs include puddles of water, moisture on the walls, and musty odors. 


So what causes hydrostatic pressure? Homes are often at risk of this type of structural damage if they’re located on a slope or hillside. When water from rain or melted snow provides constant pressure against the base of a structure, basement foundations underneath the surface can be damaged by the force. The walls of the basement are standing against the hydrostatic pressure and will eventually give way to water penetration, resulting in bowed or cracked walls, flooding, and other structural damage. Our basement repairs experts here in the Knoxville area can help.

Basement water

Basement water damage could potentially be caused by other issues like HVAC system leaks or poor concrete installation, but there are a few hints that the water you see is caused by hydrostatic pressure. Here are a few:


  • Your lawn has several areas of standing water, which indicate high soil saturation
  • Nearby homes built on the same level are also experiencing the same issues
  • If you dig a 2- to 4-foot hole in your yard, it fills with water
  • The water entering your basement is coming from several directions and in controlled amounts

Solutions to Bowed Walls

If you’ve noticed bowed walls as a result of hydrostatic pressure, American Foundation & Waterproofing of Knoxville has a few solutions:

Drainage system: A SafeDrain™ Drain System is installed around your basement perimeter and attaches to your sump pump to redirect water away from your foundation. Another drainage solution is the Multi-flow Drain Tile, which reinforces a proper draining process to avoid excess pressure buildup against your basement.

Anchors and beams: GeoLock™ Anchors can be installed behind your bowed walls to support their weight, while a PowerBrace™ system is installed against the wall to provide a stable base. Helical anchors may also be used by installing them into the ground and connecting wall plates to prevent any future bowing. We recommend that people in the Knoxville area get these basement repairs if they are experiencing bowing walls. 

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